# Install BMC Node

This guide will show how to install BMC node from source code.

# Install Golang

Install Goby following the Office Docs (opens new window),Remember to set your $PATH environment variable.

Check Goenvironment variable


Check Go version, 1.5 or higher

go version

# Get the source code

git clone https://github.com/Bytom/bmc.git

# Build source code

cd bmc-main
make geth 

you can see the file in /bmc-main/build/bin

# Executables

Command Description
geth Main Bytom Side Chain client binary. It is the entry point into the BMC network,capable of running as a full node (default), archive node (retaining all historical state) or a light node (retrieving data live). It has the same and more RPC and other interface as go-ethereum and can be used by other processes as a gateway into the BMC network via JSON RPC endpoints exposed on top of HTTP, WebSocket and/or IPC transports. geth --help and the CLI page (opens new window) for command line options.

# Running BMC

# Download

Download the necessary configuration files. testnet.zip (opens new window) or mainnet.zip(todo...) Unzip it and you'll see two files genesis.json and config.toml.

# Init

Add the configuration file(genesis.json and config.toml) to directory /bmc-main/build/bin go to /bmc-main/build/bin

geth  --datadir {{datadir}}  init genesis.json

# Start

geth --config config.toml --datadir {{datadir}}  --cache 8000  --txlookuplimit 0

{datadir} :You can specify your own path and consistent with the following.

# Check the Node

geth attach /{datadir}/node/geth.ipc


# Connect

Connect BMC network with MetaMask

Mainnet Testnet
Network Name BMC BMC Testnet
Chain ID 188 189
RPC URL https://mainnet.bmcchain.com https://testnet.bmcchain.com
Currency Symbol BTM BTM

# The possible problem

  1. When you execute command make geth, if :
# runtime/cgo
_cgo_export.c:3:10: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory
    3 | #include <stdlib.h>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
util.go:46: exit status 2
exit status 1
make: *** [Makefile:16: geth] Error 1

You can use sudo apt-get install build-essential to solve the problem.

Last Updated: 3/14/2022, 3:43:36 PM